But how do you *really* feel?


Sometimes it’s not always easy to describe how you’re feeling. You may feel over-whelmed, worried that you might make others feel over-whelmed, just not have the words or want to avoid thinking about what it is that is really occupying your mind.

I had already used a mood tracking tool which allows you to rate your emotions on a daily basis, and with some awareness of wearable tech I wondered if there was a more immediate way that data about our moods could be simply communicated to others – quite literally wearing our hearts on our sleeves.

That’s what got me started thinking about “what if people had care labels like clothes?”. And with a quick Twitter exchange with quantified self advocate @cubicgarden and wearable tech expert @rainycat I decided it was time I started blogging.

This is just a quick introduction to celebrate the fact that I managed to get this blog onto my custom domain and let you know this is just the start of the “Cheer up love” project.

Best wishes, Zoe