The fifth way sends me off on a tangent


They may not be wearable as such but smartphones may as well be – at least among a certain section of consumers.

While researching the Rubik’s design I came across a smartphone case design which got me thinking about the role handheld devices could play in communicating mood.

This is not a new theme for me – in 2006 I pitched the (massively ahead of its time) MobiMoods app to help teenagers share their moods and receive appropriate content in response to how they were feeling.

There was some initial interest in this idea but, to be fair, the proportion of say 13-16 year-olds who had a mobile that could play video in 2006 was pretty negligible.

I digress, this was the design for the smartphone cover from the Rubik’s range.


The cover could easily be modified to display the ‘care labels’ in the same way as the other four suggestions: Wearable options for details of these.

Then something interesting happened and the care labels took on new life – digital life.

What if the care labels could actually talk to your smartphone or tablet or laptop – or, in fact, any connected device?

It’s not quite Quantified Self territory, more the reverse. The wearer sets their physical care labels which in turn are communicated to their connected device and displayed in the signature of messages such as chat, email or text.

There’s a whole lot of more stuff in my head about employing quantified self techniques to set care labels in the first instance, but that will have to wait until next time…

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