Who cares?


What has really heartened me is the interest that I’ve had from other people about ‘Cheer up love’ given the very small amount of low profile publicity I have given the project.

I mention in the About section that it was a Twitter conversation with @cubicgarden and @rainycat that sparked this blog in the first place.

I had already acquired the domain www.cheeruplove.com some time ago with the vague notion of setting up a community of support of some kind.

When I started thinking about care labels, “cheer up love” came to mind as it’s a phrase often uttered at people who appear unhappy. Very commonly, it is a phrase that says – “Why aren’t you smiling? I don’t have the time or effort to find out why, just snap out of it ok?”.

So this is where we are.

Ian Forrester cared enough to write an entry on his own blog about ‘Cheer up love’ – questioning whether we can truly quantify emotions and giving me plenty of food for thought.

Phil Bradley, a former mentee of mine, got in touch via Facebook offering to make a prototype of the wearable kit.

Angie Chan (@angieokchan), who I know from Manchester Girl Geeks, who I had already approached about graphic design for the project posted a comment on ‘Cheer up love’ suggesting that the concept might be suitable to take to an upcoming Numbers That Matter event in Manchester.

It’s so lovely to have this interest at such an early stage. Not overwhelming, but from people who really understand what I’m trying to achieve and believe that it’s worth their time.

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