Quiz: How happy are you?


I keep seeing quizzes with titles like ‘How happy are you?’ and avoiding them like the plague. I only recently resumed using MoodScope a daily mood-logging tool which allows you to rate 20 different emotional states on any given day.

I used to do the MoodScope test with the zeal of a true Quantified Self devotee. I even spent time analysing the data to ascertain the standard deviation of my mood score across a given month. I determined that it was how consistent my mood was of the greatest value to me in terms of the data MoodScope generated.

Note: Not a feature offered by MoodScope but something I calculated myself.

And then I stopped recording my mood every day.


Mainly because I had very determinedly embarked on a campaign of diet and exercise. I joined Slimming World and followed their plan and also joined the gym and started working with a personal training again for the first time in a couple of years.

Not only was I keeping food diaries, I eventually started using MyFitnessPal to count calories and estimate calories burned doing various types of exercise (walking, swimming, running, yoga, body conditioning). I lost over two stone in 18 months so it did work, BUT, all this logging seemed to take up an awful lot of time and effort.

So what changed?

I became single after being with someone for four and half years. It was tough and I found it difficult to explain to those around me what I was going through.

I didn’t even want to ask myself how I was feeling and certainly didn’t want to take a quiz about happy (or unhappy) I was. I know what to do be happy (according to these kinds of quizzes) and I try my best to do all of those things to the best of my ability.

Quiz: How happy are you?

To be honest, I’m actually not too bad. Good enough to start using MoodScope again (even if not every day). And well enough to come up with the idea for ‘Cheer up love: If people had care labels‘.

The reason I like the idea of care labels is that they allow you to say what you need without having to be specific about how you feel – unless you want to.

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