Lifescouts: how badges can spark interactions


Enamel badges developed by Alex Day for

I’d like to thank my good friend Phil Bradley for a few thought grenades he’s bunged in my general direction lately.

Most recently he sent me YouTube video by a guy called Alex Day who has started a Tumblr site called Lifescouts. He loves badges and didn’t see why earning them for various challenges shouldn’t continue beyond the world of scouting.

Alex has devised a series of enamel badges which can be earned for a range of activities listed on the Tumblr site. So not only can people wear and share their badges face-to-face but add notes on their experience of each achievement to the Tumblr site.

You can see a full list of all the badges released to date here.

What has this got to do with ‘Cheer up love’?

Well, it’s about sparking face-to-face conversations around personal experiences by using a wearable item that might tell you something about that person you didn’t already know.

Wearing symbols, whether they reflect your achievements (Lifescouts) or your needs (Cheer up love care labels), acts as an invitation to other people to connect with you – even if they’ve never done so before. The physical, wearable object says ‘I am open to having a discussion about this’.

And here’s my badge:

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