My Week In Happy: Friends, food and folding


As I (may have) mentioned in last week’s This Week In Happy my actual birthday fell this week i.e. since the last update.

It’s been a busy week, hence the delay in going to print with this edition.


It was my birthday! Here’s a nice picture of my birthday morning haul.

Presents! Thanks everyone :)

Presents! Thanks everyone 🙂

Once in the office, my a-may-zing colleagues Karen, Flavia and Kathryn had loaded my desk with more pressies and cards. My last two birthdays have been fairly low key and I really appreciated all the fuss – especially when I was presented with a huge chocolate birthday cake and a chorus of ‘happy birthday’ in the office kitchen.

And just to milk my birthday celebration a little more we (me, Karen, Flavia, Kathryn) headed into town to Italian ‘tapas’ place San Carlo Cicchetti – where I ate a lot of tomatoes and couldn’t finish my dessert!

I feel truly blessed to have such kind, clever and funny friends and colleagues.


In last week’s This Week In Happy: The many gifts of girl geeks I described the satisfaction I get from being part of this volunteer group that exists to offer women and girls a place to develop their interest in science and / or technology.

As part of Manchester Science Festival, Manchester Girl Geeks are taking part in a global effort to build the ‘MegaMenger‘ – a cube-based fractal using over a million business cards which “may be the largest fractal ever built”.

Inset names here

The ‘Menger Girls’ get folding – ably assisted by @Frimkron and @aPaulTaylor

Katie Steckles, the chair of Manchester Girl Geeks donned her ‘Think Maths‘ hat and hosted the pre-folding event with Sam Headleand at MOSI where the scale of the task in hand soon became apparent.

With 15 volunteer folders, fuelled by cake and caffeine, we just about completed 13 out of a hoped for 20 of the the ‘Level 1’ fractals we were aiming for.

Want to know how much folding is involved in building a Menger Sponge? Katie has made this ace tutorial explaining exactly how to fold your own Menger fractal.

We also started putting together some ideas a Menger folding playlist, which will grow in the build up to Manchester Science Festival. So far we’ve only come with Living In A Box by Living In A Box, and anything by Ben Folds Five.

Please do get in touch with any suggestions for additions to the playlist in the Comments section below.

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