My Week In Happy: Searching for gratitude


The aftermath of the Santa Run at MediaCityUK.  
Note: I did not take part in the run, I just happened to be coming back from the gym at the time.

It’s been tough losing my beloved feline friend Cosmo. He was with me for far longer than any romantic relationship I’ve ever had, by my side for 15 years. Although his passing was anticipated, knowing it was coming hasn’t eased the pain – other than my ability to stop his pain.

So in these dark times, it is more important than ever for me to dig deep and turn up those things that bring me joy and for which I am grateful.

 Life is short

Earlier this year, a good friend of my lost his mother who was in her eighties. She was an amazing woman who raised four children, started university at the age of 52, qualified as a social worker and started a career aged 56, and became a gay rights campaigner in her fifties.

This started me thinking about my relationships with my family and other people that I felt I needed to do more to keep in touch with. What I did as a result of this:

  • Celebrated my dad’s birthday with my brother for the first time in over 30 years.
  • Made contact with a school friend I’d lost touch with and connected on Facebook.
  • Met another school friend who I hadn’t seen for 20 years – it was magical.

Moving round a lot and having a busy job are no longer good enough reasons for not staying in touch.

This is all rather more sombre than my usual updates, I am still doing good things (seeing Half Man Half Biscuit, laughing at Bridget Christie and pitching new content ideas), so please bear with me.

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