About Cheer Up Love

Cheeruplove.com exists because I wanted to share my pursuit of health and happiness.

This has involved going to all kinds of events and meeting lots of new people along the way.

At my most prolific, the blog included a ‘My Week In Happy’ update charting my happiness-seeking antics.

In 2014, I was attending many events and noticed that although many people struggle to express their feelings verbally, it doesn’t mean that they don’t wish to connect meaningfully to other human beings.

I also began to go through a sequence of events which were defined by loss of love and life, losing my grandmother and mother in rapid succession.

We all have times we feel tired or cranky or we’re experiencing a challenging life event that affects our mood. You don’t need to have a mental illness to have emotional needs or experience difficult feelings. Sometimes it just feels too awkward or painful to share your mental health status with other human beings.

So I started thinking about people could communicate their needs without having to stray into conversations they might find difficult.

I wondered what it would be like if people had care labels (like clothes) which could be used to communicate what we needed rather than be explicit about we felt. This went on to become the Care Labels For Humans project which now has its own website.

I’ve been working on the project for five years, more intensively during 2018 and 2019 and now Care Labels For Humans has its own home I am reclaiming this blog for reviewing mood, mental health and wellbeing apps from May 2019.

You can also follow me on Twitter as @ZoeEBreen, I am also a trustee and non-executive director of Good Things Foundation (@GoodThingsFdn), a social digital inclusion charity, and a volunteer for Manchester Girl Geeks, a not-for-profit group which promotes science and technology to women and girls (@Mcrgirlgeeks).

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